Meet the Team

Our team is passionate about a lot, but we're especially passionate about supporting small businesses. Get to know us below.

Caleb Fitzgerald

Caleb is the founder and principal of Black Gallina. He helps potential clients find the best plan for their needs and provides business coaching, CFO services, and management consulting for existing clients. He believes small businesses are the reason we love the places we live, and he understands how small business owners—and the decisions they make—have a direct impact on the community. Outside of work, he enjoys reading, woodworking, and building things.

Pablo Chavez

Pablo provides accounting and bookkeeping support to Black Gallina’s clients. Pablo’s passion for supporting small businesses is personal: his parents’ small business supported his family growing up, so he understands firsthand what goes into running a business and what it symbolizes beyond the sale of goods and service. Outside of work, he enjoys running, listening to music, trying new restaurants, and eating fresh bread from local bakeries.

Emily Hertberg

Emily provides invaluable administrative and operations support to the Black Gallina team and its clients. An outdoor connoisseur who loves mountain biking, surfing, and backpacking, Emily is passionate about small businesses because there’s a stronger connection to the goods and services and the people and community who make them possible.


Karu is the office helper and is an expert at providing smiles, screen breaks, and the occasional (very vocal) opinion. He loves small businesses because they reliably give out treats and pets—big box stores never do that! His favorite small business is the local butcher, where, if he's on his best behavior, he'll get some yummy treats to eat at home.

We're rooting for you to succeed.

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